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2A can of...Well, nobody's really sure what Play-Doh is really as its composition is definitely a closely guarded secret. As a matter of fact, Play-Doh was originally invented to become wallpaper cleaner as well as includes a patent just for this use. The patent number is U.S. Patent 3,167,440. It was granted to Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker. Ultimately, these men seen that they could bring in more money selling these items like a toy than as being a wallpaper cleaner. So in 1956 they created Rainbow Crafts to sell their cool product.

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The point that most of the people liked about Play-Doh was it had become non toxic. You can consume these things and never become ill. The salty taste might not be very appealing however it was most certainly not gonna kill you. And contrary to popular belief, kids did try eating these items. Drove their parents absolutely up a wall.

Play-Doh was the primary toys to make its way into schools and daycare centers. It absolutely was a fairly easy enough toy that children could enjoy and not need a ton of supervision and was versatile enough that you simply were limited only because of your imagination to what you may really do together with the stuff, which basically were only available in can as well as in many different colors. Since every one of the colors were still manufactured from precisely the same substance, you can mix them as well as not a problem. Naturally after accomplishing this it had been challenging to get each color back into its own can.

The season 1960 was obviously a huge year for Play-Doh because this was 4 seasons how the company created its first mascot, Play-Doh Pete. The main drawing of this cute little boy had him wearing a smock as well as a beret. Afterwards the beret was substituted with a backwards baseball cap. The mascot was place on each and every can of Play-Doh that has been sold and became also referred to as the toy itself.

Also in 1960 the first Play-Doh accessory was developed. It was the very popular Play-Doh Fun Factory. The Fun Factory was in fact a device which you pushed the Play-Doh to make a myriad of different shapes like stars, circles and squares. You may chop up these shapes and serve them as food to the kid's dolls. Though the Fun Factory wasn't no more the Play-Doh accessories.

Play-Doh next announced the Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop. From then on they announced Dr, Drill N Fill. These were all plastic molds. The barber shop was rather unique due to the time. The Play-Doh was pushed through this plastic head that managed to get appear like hair. Then you definitely took these plastic scissors to reduce your hair and magnificence it. Very clever stuff to the 60s.

Eventually, Play-Doh was absorbed by Hasbro and they also brought out a huge amount of cooking machines as that was where things have also been going at the time. Everybody wanted to cook. During this time period you also saw such things as Suzy Bake Oven and Creepy Crawlers food molds.

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